How to Restore Lost iTunes Purchases?

As music craze is spreading across the globe, technology is desinging new ways to entertain them in easy way. iTunes is one such invention, music lovers collect numbers of songs in its library & it can be found in iPod devices. It is also enriched with features like you can listen to internet radio songs, buy songs from internet, import songs from CD to iTunes library. When you buy songs from the internet it creates a separate folder to store purchased music files. But there is a chance that you might lose this files if anything happens to the iTunes program. Don’t lose heart! This is not the permanent loss of files from the system. All your yearlong music collection of the favorite artists can be brought back without much effort. Try iTunes scanning tool which is designed with the most advanced features to get back missing iTunes files & it also helps in recovering lost iTunes purchases.

Loss of iTunes purchases are caused by some of the following mentioned scenarios:

  • Malware Attack: Malware infection is one of the major reasons that cause loss of files from the iTunes application. They may get into the device through internet or if you download some malicious program in your device. Your iPod may also get infected if you connect your device to the system that is affected by virus & will be unable to access iTunes purchases from your device.

  • Restore factory settings: It is a feature available in iPod devices which is intended to return the device to its original factory settings. Default settings of the iPod devices will be enabled and the iPod application will be updated. It is just like the process of reformatting the hard disk of PC. If you unknowingly or unintentionally use “Restore” option then it will result in huge data loss along with the purchased folders if you do not have proper back up.

  • System Crash: System crash occurs as result of various reasons. As programs are installed and uninstalled from the system registries are changed in the system and they may not be retrieved back to the original settings which results in system crash. System crash also occurs as result of some faults in the application programs that are installed in the system which causes severe loss of all the iTunes media files & also the purchased iTunes files present in the system. Don't worry! There are many ways to recover iTunes after hard drive crash, you can find the best one here -

iTunes file recovery tool has been designed with utmost care so that this application program can be used to find lost iTunes purchases effectively & also restores all music files that are lost from the iTunes media player. This tool has been developed with the built in scanning algorithms that scans the entire drive in less span of time and find missing iTunes library present in the Mac operating system. To know more about the process of recovery of iTunes library on Mac visit here. With the help of new options that are loaded in this tool and also by using the “Find-tool” the audio files that were restored can be found easily on the basis of their name, size, and date of creation of the files and so on. This comprehensive software developed with the help of most advanced professionals retrieves the iTunes files without much difficulty. Try the free version of this software which will help you to preview the retrieved files & once you are satisfied with the result you can buy it so that you can save them to the desired location.

With the help of iTunes scanning program the user can also undelete videos from iTunes on Mac Operating System. With the help of advanced algorithms you can easily retrieve deleted videos from the system. You can also use this application to find lost photos from external hard drive or from the computer. There are various formats of photos that were present in the system. RAW images that were stored in the system are of high resolution and offer clarity in pictures. Sometimes due to human errors these photos get lost or deleted from the system. You can also retrieve pictures of all file format using this software. To gather more information about the photo restoration procedure read more>>

Simple measures that are to be carried to find lost iTunes purchases are:

Step 1: Install iTunes scanning program in the system and run the program. “Recover Photos” option is to be selected from the main screen & the go to next step.

Restore Lost iTunes Purchases - Main Screen

Step 2: Click on “Recover Lost Photos” and in the next window select the type of file that has to be restored. Connect the iPod device to the Mac system and then proceed to scan process.

Recover Lost iTunes Purchases - Select iPod

Step 3: After the scanning process is completed the retrieved iTunes files are listed in “Data View” or “File Type View” & can also be previewed by "Preview" option.

Recovering Lost iTunes Purchases - Preview Files

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