Accidentally deleted iTunes songs?

You might have invested a serious amount of time in your music library by the time you have ripped all your CD’s and perhaps downloaded the songs from analog sources. If you have bought songs from the iTunes music store then a direct financial investment as well has done by you. ITunes is a database oriented navigation system. It not only list your songs based on their filenames and folders but it also allows you to navigate using the embedded info tags that group them into albums and artists. Due to this, you can browse the songs more like physical CD’s on your shelf. The features of iTunes are designed to let your music become organized naturally as you import or acquire it. To Know how to retrieve deleted iTunes files then click here

Because of all these features, iTunes songs are really worth to you. What if you accidentally delete those iTunes songs?? You might have accidentally deleted the iTunes songs while moving to an external drive. In order to free up the hard drive storage space, you decided to move your iTunes songs from your computer to external hard drive. While moving the songs, you somehow deleted the entire music library off from your computer. What you should do now?? Stay Calm!!! If you have already synchronized all your songs from iTunes library to your iPod then you can restore those songs from your iPod.

As you connect your iPod to your computer to restore deleted songs, iTunes again synchronized all its data with iPod’s files. So, when you opened the music folder to restore deleted files, you were shocked to see that there was no single audio file in that folder!!! This is mainly because, the “Auto Sync” option is enabled due to which all your songs from your iPod get deleted after synchronizing it with your computer. The “Auto Sync” option synchronizes the content of iTunes library with iPod. If any file is deleted from iTunes library then after synchronization, iTunes deletes that file from iPod also resulting in loss of data. Now, the only way to get back your deleted files is from the backup. If a backup is not available then also don’t worry!!!

Sometimes you may accidentally perform formatting on your hard drive partitions without thinking about the data residing on that drive. In some situations, your iTunes library files may be stored on that drive. At then, if you format that drive, you will lost the entire iTunes library. But it is not a big matter if you are using iTunes Recovery software. Using this tool, you can even recover iTunes library after format of hard drive, flash drive, memory card, etc.

The deleted songs are not permanently removed from your hard drive. They exist on your hard drive until you overwrite those songs with some new files. And, such files can be recovered using the iTunes Recovery Software. But before using this software, make sure that you have not used the hard drive to avoid permanent deletion. ITunes Recovery Software can easily recover accidentally deleted iTunes songs from various storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and iPods. It works perfectly on both Windows as well as Mac OS. To learn more about the recovery on Mac OS click this link. This software has special and advanced in-built algorithms to find and recover various types of files including audio files. If your iTunes library gets corrupted or damaged due to any logical reasons then also you can use this software. It can restore songs from corrupt iTunes with utmost ease.

Sometimes, you will get frequent notifications to update or upgrade the iTunes. After updating the iTunes, you may unable to access your iTunes or your iTunes playlist may go missing. In such case also you can use this software to retrieve playlists from iTunes after upgrade. This iTunes Recovery Software can also recover other type of files like videos and photos from different models of iPods like iPod Classic, iPod Nano and  iPod Shuffle. It can work well on all latest versions of Mac Operating Systems like Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mac Leopard to undelete iTunes videos. It also supports different models of Mac computers. If you have deleted or lost songs from the iTunes library on your MacBook Pro then use this software to undelete iTunes library from MacBook Pro.

All the songs that are present in the iTunes folder are backed up in the iTunes library folder. Whenever the user wants to play the songs, they are accessed from this folder only. Some times due to virus infection or as result of unknown reasons all the songs that are present in the folder get deleted or lost, which results in the media files ot being played. Hence this app was created to restore iTunes backup that are present in the respective folder.

Only 3 steps  to recover deleted iTunes songs

Step 1: Download and install the iTunes Recovery Software on your hard drive. If you have accidentally deleted iTunes songs from iPod then connect your iPod and launch it. Select “Recover Files” option from the main windows and then click on “Recover Deleted Files” option from the next screen to get back your deleted iTunes songs

Step 2: Now, select the storage device from which you have accidentally deleted the songs and then click on “Next” option to start the recovery process

Step 3: After completing the recovery process, view recovered songs using “Preview” option

Simple Tips:

  • It is essential to take a backup of  important files and check it regularly to make sure that the backup file is working
  • Always disable “Auto Sync” option to avoid data loss due to automatic synchronization of files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users