Recovery of iTunes from iPod Classic

iPod Classic is one of the most used music player for music lovers, due to its convenience and compact size. One can store plenty of songs, videos and many more media files on iPod Classic device. In order to manage these media files, iPod Classic make use of iTunes Library. It is one of the popular application for Apple gadgets. As iTunes plays significant role in preserving large number of music tracks and videos on iPod Classic, if anything went wrong then you will loss huge collection of iTunes saved in it.

Consider a situation, wherein you have an iPod Classic. You connect the iPod Classic device to your Mac computer in order to transfer some latest music files. During synchronization process due to power failure your system shutdowns unusually. Afterward, when you eject the iPod Classic, you are shocked to find out that some of your beloved music files from iTunes are missing. Now the question is how to restore iTunes from iPod Classic? No need to worry about iTunes, lots of iPod Classic users have come across the above scenario and lost many of their music files. However, the good news is that you can retrieve iTunes from iPod Classic using iTunes Recovery software. In case you want to restore deleted songs from iTunes, then this application will provide the accurate solution.

Let us consider some other common scenarios for loss or deletion of iTunes from iPod:

  • Unintentional deleting complete iTunes folders from iPod Classic
  • Restoring the iPod Classic back to its factory settings
  • Suspicious virus attack on the iPod Classic device
  • Using the same iPod Classic gadget on different operating systems such as Mac and Windows without proper synchronization

Due to any of above explained reasons, if you have lost your iTunes from iPod Classic then don’t get disappointed. As said before, you can recover empty iTunes library by using appropriate iTunes Recovery software.

Software to retrieve iTunes from iPod Classic:

With the help of iTunes Recovery tool, you can recover iTunes from iPod Classic device on Mac system. However, it is always recommended to backup your iTunes library in some other storage device to prevent loss of essential media files. iTunes Recovery is such a utility that retrieve iTunes from iPod Classic as well as recover music from iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini and other iPod models on Mac OS X based computers. This software also get back erased or missing photo files (JPEG, JPG, IMG, PSD, etc.), music files (MP4, WAV, M4A, AIF, etc.), video files (MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.) and of various file formats from other removable storage device on Mac system. You can restore iTunes from iPod Classic on different versions of Windows operating systems. It is also an efficient tool to recover iTunes library from iPod Nano in few simple steps.

Note: It is recommended not to save the recovered iTunes to your iPod Classic because the chances of data overwriting are high.

Steps to restore iTunes from iPod Classic:

Step 1: Download iTunes Recovery tool and launch the software on your Mac system. Connect your affected iPod Classic device to that system. From first screen choose “Recover Photos” option as shown in Fig 1.

Restore Music from iPod Shuffle - Main Screen

Figure 1 Select Recover Photos

Step 2: Next click on “Recover Delete photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” options to recover iTunes from iPod Classic as shown in Fig 2.

REtrieve Music from iPod Shuffle - Select iPod

Figure 2 Select Recover Deleted / Lost Photos option

Step 3: Next, select the drive that represents your iPod Classic device as shown in Fig 3. Then the software starts scan the device.

Restoring Music from iPod Shuffle - Preview Files

Figure 3 Select iPod Shuffle

Step 4: Then the tool displays list of deleted or lost iTunes from iPod Classic as shown in Fig 4. Select your preferred iTunes and save then any target location on system.

Restore Music from iPod Shuffle - Preview Files

Figure 4 Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users