Is iPod Shuffle music recovery possible on different OS?

Yes, iPod Shuffle music recovery is possible and can be performed very easily, in fact you can also perform photo recovery from iTunes using the recovery tool. Certain reasons will let your iPod music to get deleted or lost. Some of them are caused due to human errors and some takes place anonymously. No matter, how you have lost / deleted the music from the iPod but now you are left only with device and no files inside it. In such circumstance what you are actually going to do?

iTunes plays an important role in iPods. It is nothing but the software that is used as player to play the files in the iPods. iTunes is also used to manipulate the data in iPod like adding the files, deleting the files, playing the songs, etc. iTunes library manages all the songs in it as a list. There are some rules to be followed when using iPods with iTunes. When the iTunes are crashed then there might be missing of music files on iPod Shuffle. Rather than music files other files like photos, audios, videos, etc. can also be stored in the iPod Shuffle.

The very first thing which you must concentrate on is how this all happened and how to avoid this in future?

  • Accidentally formatting the iPod when it was connected to the system
  • Deleting the files thinking that they might get stored in the “Trash” but it won’t happened
  • iTunes crash while playing music in the iPod Shuffle
  • Updating the iTunes version when music files are present in the iPod Shuffle
  • Restoring the iPod Shuffle to factory settings

If any of the task is performed willingly or unwillingly then there will be loss of music.Same as hard disk iPod also has file system. File system keeps the Meta data of the music files in iPod. So, when any files are deleted or lost then the space where it was saved is marked as empty and illusion of empty space is created. This indirectly means that there are chances to restore music from iPod Shuffle.

Now, what if any of the music loss scenarios takes place? In such condition, you have to use the tool that can extract the files from the iPod Shuffle. So, what features is needed in the best music recovery tool? If you are downloading the software from this website then you need not to worry about the features as the tool has all the best features inbuilt in it.

  • Supports different file system
  • Recovery of music files is possible from all types of iPods like Shuffle, nano, etc.
  • Can also recover files from crashed iTunes
  • Files can be recovered after formatting the iPods
  • Supports recovery on Mac

This iTunes recovery software has many other unique features like inbuilt scanning algorithm. It will scan entire drive to find lost data including iTunes library. It has an ability to recover iTunes after formatting a drive. You can get back iTunes playlist from the formatted storage media. You can know more about iTunes recovery from the formatted PC, iPod or any other device.

Follow the steps and recover the music files from iPod

Step 1: Install the software in the system and launch it. Later you will find the main screen, select the “Recover Photos” option from it.

Restore Music from iPod Shuffle - Main Screen

Figure 1 Select Recover Photos

Step 2: From the next screen just select the “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”.

Restoring Music from iPod Shuffle - Select iPod

Figure 2 Select Recover Deleted / Lost Photos option

Step 3: Select the “iPod Shuffle” and wait until the music gets recovered.

Recover Music from iPod Shuffle - Preview Files

Figure 3 Select iPod Shuffle

Step 4: Later you will be able to “Preview” the recovered files once the recovery gets over and finally you will be asked to “Save” the recovered music files from iPod Shuffle.

Rescue Music from iPod Shuffle - Preview Files

Figure 4 Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users