How to restore iTunes Music from iPod?

ITunes designed by Apple paved an excellent way to organize, manage and play your music to unleash the full entertainment potential of iPod. ITunes provide multiple services for any iPod user. It acts as sole multimedia center for managing and syncing the contents of iPod. iPod offers an incredible popular method for taking music on the go, but unfortunately iPod is not immune to data loss. However losing entire iTunes music collection can turn in to disastrous when you go to open up iTunes on one fine day morning and the whole list of your iTunes music collection is gone. Losing all the music files is an awful event as they may are favourite songs. Remember that simple disappearance of the iTunes music does not mean that your collection has permanently vanished in thin air. You can efficiently restore itunes music from iPod collection with the help of iTunes recovery tool. The software can also recover music files from iPods devices. For example, the usage of the software can restore music from iPod Shuffle.

Factors that can be potentially held responsible for resulting in data erasure / loss on iPod music devices:

Synchronization Failure: Synchronization process helps to harmonize iPod music in proper manner. iTunes music from iPod can be lost as a result of failed synchronization process. iPod is synchronized with the iTunes when it is plugged in to any computer so as to perform the file transfer process. If the iPod synchronization process is interrupted due to any reason then it upshot to the inaccessibility and loss of valuable iTunes music files. Synchronizing the corrupted files to the iPod may corrupt the iPod files stored on the iPod leading to data loss.

External Threats: When you connect iPod to the malware infected computer to transfer any music files then there are many chances that stored files of your iPod gets spoiled as malware has an ability to spread from one device to other device. Malware attack on iPod results in inaccessibility of total iPod contents.

iPod Restoration: iPod restoration process with restore the iPod to its default factory preferences thus default settings will be used and the iPod software will be upgraded. It has a similar effect as reformatting the computer’s hard disk. Accidental usage of “Restore” option results in massive data loss if you do not possess the backup copy of important iPod files. But still it is possible to recover iTunes library from Time Machine only by making use of Mac recovery software.

Software Incompatibility: If the iTunes software version that you are using is not supportable with the present operating software that you are working then it results in iPod synchronization error. This may corrupt the iPod disk and hence not recognized by the operating system installed on the computer.

Improper Handling of iPod: Abrupt removal of iPod from computer while iPod files are still in use on computer can corrupt the entire iPod files and entire iPod data becomes inaccessible. In addition to this, sudden removal of iPod from computer when the file transfer in is progress results in corruption of iPod file system and you may encounter strange error messages when you connect the iPod to the computer next time. These error messages prevent you from accessing the iPod files.

However, iTunes music files lost under any critical conditions can be retrieved by using iTunes recovery tool. With the help of powerful recovery engine it directly looks in to disk sector and restore itunes music from iPod with in short span of time. It can recover itunes from iPod of different models. This software can recover various types of file format such as MOV, MP4, ASF, AVI, MPEG, GIF, WAV, etc. This outstanding application has a separate build for Mac and Windows operating system. It can recover iTunes library on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Book Air and iMac.

iTunes recovery tool can undelete videos, audio and picture file formats from iPod. After the completion of recovery process, recovered iTunes music files are displayed on the screen. You can quickly locate required file in the recovered list with the help of built in “Find Tool” option shipped in the software so that you can save the files which you need after purchasing the software. You can also utilize this app to recover empty iTunes library after update easily. To know more about it, check this page:

Precautionary measures to avoid loss of iTunes music files:

  • Always maintain updated backup copy of iPod data.
  • Detach the iPod from computer only after following proper hardware removal procedures.
  • Scan the iPod regularly with updated and genuine antivirus software to avoid malware attack.

Follow this in order to recover iTunes Music from iPod:

Step 1: Attach your iPod to the PC and run the app. Choose "Recover Photos" option from the main screen. On the following window, choose “Recover Deleted Photos” or "Recover Lost Photos" option as per the data loss situation.

Recover iTunes Music - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive of the iPod from the list of logical drives and then click on “Next” option to start scanning the drive.

Recovering iTunes Music - Select iPod

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview the result using “Preview” option and save them back on the computer. This software recovers all the iTunes music files with in a short span of time.

Restore iTunes Muisc - Preview Files

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